Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 1st grade was Cole's first year in gymnastics.  He is really good at doing front flips on the trampoline.  At the house we are living in, there is a tree that the boys jump off onto the tramp.  They get a lot of practice.  Cole is teaching Brady. 
Averie, Cole and Bodee May 13, 2013.

Movie Day

 The boys and I had a fun day.
 We had lunch and then went to the movies to see The Croods.
 April 27, 2013

Cole is 7!

 April 22nd lunch at Wendys.

 On his way to see his surprise that is waiting outside.
 A motorscooter.

Cole's 4th Tooth

 Cole lost his 4th tooth eating crepes for breakfast before school.
April 12, 2013 almost 7

Easter 2013

 The day before Easter, we went to an Easter egg hunt at Grandma Ann's church.

 On Easter morning, the boys looked for eggs around the house.

March 31, 2013

Brady is 4!

 March 23, 2013, the day before Brady's birthday, we had a party at Grandma Janes' house.

 The next day, we had another party at our house.

Skiing 2013

Jason and I have never been skiing the whole time we have been married. We got a chance to go Feb 9, 2013.  We met my friend Diane Garcia and her husband and son at Pomerelle for night skiing.

We left early because our hands were so cold, but it was a lot of fun.